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With the sheer pace of modern life, Luton's superb transport links are proving more valuable than ever to people travelling into, around, and out of the town.

Situated just off the country's primary M1 motorway, only a few minutes from the M25 and 30 miles from the centre of London, Luton has excellent road connections. No fewer than three railway stations serve the town. The capital is just 24 minutes away. Looking further afield, there are fast national rail connections to Leeds, Sheffield and beyond to the north, and a direct service to Gatwick and Brighton to the south.

Those with their eyes on international travel need go no further than London Luton Airport. Currently the UK's seventh largest, it's also the fastest growing airport in the country, handling more than six million passengers every year. Its expansion is hardly surprising, given the ever-increasing number of routes to a wide range of destinations from Athens to Zurich as well as a wide range of cities in the UK.

When it comes to getting around the town, there is a vigorous policy to increase the attractiveness of cycling as a healthy, non-polluting alternative to the private car. The strategy includes the provision of a cycle-friendly infrastructure and setting priorities for action.

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